Since March 2015, Yemen is stage to an armed conflict between several rivalling fractions in which the main adversaries are forces loyal to the Hadi government, backed by the Saudi-led Coalition, and forces affiliated to the Houthis. All parties to the conflict have committed violations of international humanitarian and human rights law, with the civilian population bearing the highest cost. The three year-long conflict combined with embargos and sieges have plunged the MENA region’s poorest country into the largest humanitarian crisis worldwide.

Civilians have suffered numerous indiscriminate attacks perpetrated by the different parties to the conflict, mostly through shelling and bombing. They were often directly targeted, and attacks were conducted without respect for the principles of distinction, proportionality and precaution. What is more, the use of banned cluster munition has been well-documented, in total disregard of civilian lives. Moreover, the practices of arbitrary detention and enforced disappearance remain widespread.

Country legislation

Constitution of 2001

Criminal Procedure Code

Penal Code (AR)

Law on Combating Kidnapping (AR)

Prison Principles (AR)

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