Human rights organisations launch "SANID" campaign in solidarity with prisoners of conscience in the UAE

March 02, 2023

MENA Rights Group joins five human rights organisations in launching a campaign in solidarity with detainees in the UAE. The SANID campaign, which stands for "Stand Up for UAE Detainees", began on March 1, 2023, and calls on Emirati authorities to release all prisoners of conscience.

We, the undersigned human rights organisations, announce the launch of the “SANID” campaign, Stand up for UAE Detainees. The campaign, scheduled to start on 1st March 2023 and continue until the end of this year, aims to shed light on prisoners of conscience and civil rights in the UAE.

The campaign includes a range of media and human rights activities, such as webinars, press interviews, and a petition calling on the UAE authorities to release all prisoners of conscience and to put an end to the ongoing violations they are subjected to.

It also calls on the international community, especially the countries participating in the COP 28 climate summit hosted by the UAE, and all United Nations bodies, in particular the UN special rapporteurs, to intervene immediately to stop the human rights violations in the country and to ensure that civil space is protected.

The campaign further urges all human rights and environmental organisations, and individuals interested in human rights around the world, to participate in supporting the campaign and sign its petition.


  1. International Campaign for Freedom in the UAE - ICFUAE
  2. International Center for Justice and Human Rights - ICJHR
  3. Gulf Center for Human Rights 
  4. UAE Detainees Advocacy Center - EDAC
  5. MENA Rights Group
  6. ALQST for Human Rights

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